Netmaker WireGuard

Welcome to the Netmaker Documentation

Netmaker is a platform for creating and managing fast, secure, and dynamic virtual overlay networks using WireGuard.

This documentation covers Netmaker’s installation, usage, troubleshooting, and customization, as well as reference documents for the API, UI and Agent configuration. All of the source code for Netmaker is on GitHub.


A quick overview of Netmaker, explaining what it is, how it works, and why you should be using it.


A technical overview of Netmaker, including design decisions and limitations.


Choose the right install method for you.

Quick Start

A quick start guide to getting up and running with Netmaker and WireGuard as quickly as possible.

Quick Start Nginx (depreciated)

An older guide to getting up and running with Netmaker using Nginx as quickly as possible.

Server Installation

A detailed guide to installing the Netmaker server (API, DB, UI, DNS), and configuration options.

Oauth Configuration

A simple guide to configuring OAuth for Netmaker.

Client Installation

A detailed guide to installing the Netmaker agent (netclient) on devices and configuration options.

External Clients

A detailed guide to give clients outside of the Netmaker network access to network resources.


A handful of guides for use cases including site-to-site, Kubernetes, private DNS, and more.

API Reference

A reference document for the Netmaker Server API, and example API calls for various use cases.

Coming Soon: Swagger Documentation


Help with common Netmaker/netclient issues.


Where to go for help, and a FAQ.

Code of Conduct

A statement on our expectations and pledge to the community.


A link to the Netmaker license.