Using Netmaker

Netmaker has many different use cases, from a basic virtual network to an office gateway VPN to a Kubernetes underlay. It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start. If you don’t find your use case here, but think Netmaker is a good fit, let us know!

External Tutorials

Members of the community have created helpful tutorials for getting started with Netmaker. Below are some selected tutorials on different topics.

Video Tutorials

  • Intro/Overview: Tutorial on first-time usage, setting up a mesh network.

  • Site-to-Site Gateway: Tutorial on setting up site-to-site connections, allowing peers to access external networks via gateways.

  • IPv6 and Private DNS: Tutorial on dual-stack IPv6 in Netmaker and Private DNS management (separate topics).

  • Kubernetes Networking: Tutorial on setting up cross-cloud Kubernetes clusters using Netmaker.

Written Tutorials